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  1. Hi Guys, We would like to add web page recording feature to the Ant Media Server so that we just ask help from the community. We're happy to cover the development cost. The feature can be implemented in Java and can be deployed to the Ant Media Server as an application. Here is the typical scenario in my mind. Get the StreamApp from Repo Add new REST Methods to start/stop web page recording Start Web Page Recording REST Method will receive the URL parameter Open the URL in headless chrome with Selenium Java Emulate Start Tab Capturing with Audio(Likely a wrapper page needed) Push the stream to Ant Media Server with WebRTC through wrapper Return some id to specify the capture for stop operation Stop Web Page Recording Rest Method will receive the job id return by Start Web Page Recording REST Method It just stops the ongoing web page recording Expectation is to implement this feature in about 10-15 work days. If you want to implement but you need help, we're here to help you. If you're interested, just write your message to partnership@antmedia.io or here. Take care Regards, A. Oguz
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