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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, everyone. In /LiveApp/conference.html sample there are three modes available: camera, screen and camera+screen. What is seem strange and inconvenient to me is the fact that we see permission prompt when we switching between screen and camera+screen modes (and vice versa) because in real life we're probably do not want to select other screen source when switching between these modes. So I wonder is there any possibility in WebRTCAdaptor to use previous stream and avoid prompting user for permission every time they switch between screen and camera+screen and back?
  2. Hello, everyone. Using JavaScript SDK, when we are broadcasting in "screen+camera" mode, both streams are combined into one on the client side and sent to the server as a single stream. Is there a way to broadcast camera and screen streams as a separate streams/tracks simultaneously?
  3. I have an HTML page that uses the javascript WebRTCAdaptor to broadcast to an Ant Media Server application. Is there a way for that page to publish the broadcast to two (or more) different Ant Media Server applications simultaneously? If so, can it be done without sending two identical streams of data and doubling the bandwidth? Thanks
  4. onmessage event call twice when data recived.
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