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Found 2 results

  1. Overview I have a rest repo for web/mobile webrtc conferencing that’s failing to display remote streams when run in the web. Project Goals Enable multiple users to communicate with audio/video in a single, webRTC conference room Support mobile (android/iOS) Support modern web browsers (everything except I.E., basically) Current Implementation Codebase is react native Front end code is based off ant media react native SDK with associated github) Specifically, using the conference example Have disabled InCallManager for the moment for simplicity Have modified AntMediaLibrary functions to be partially compatible with react-native-webrtc-web-shim Using public Ant Media Server for signalling while testing Using google STUN server for testing. No TURN server attached at this time Steps to Recreate Issue Clone repo Run npm i --force to override the react-native-webrtc-web-shim react version dependency conflict Build web version with npm run web or npx expo start --web (optional) build android version with npm run android or npx expo run:android Click “Join Room” in UI to initiate connection to hardcoded room Use other browser to open Ant Media Server Conference Room Enter unique room name (currently hardcoded in /Video.jsx as ‘bcmTest10001’ Note that audio track is muted to prevent feedback loops Observe that the video from the localhost is viewable from the Ant Media Server Conference Room website (or on android if running), BUT the remote video(s) are blank in the local host The “remoteStreams” will show up as blank red squares and, periodically disappear/refresh Suspected Issue My guess is that I haven’t properly implemented the react-native-webrtc-web-shim or there is a base incompatability with my approach of trying to use one react-native code base for mobile and web video conferencing. I’ve tried a few versions to implement the web-shim Track Listener as per the repos instructions but without success Suggestions to fixing the specific instance of the issue, or a better approach to getting this working on mobile/web would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi everyone, We are using the React Native SDK and the Community edition of Ant Media on AWS. 1. Is there a way or callback to detect when the call drops due to internet issues? 2. Is there a way to keep retrying the call, so the call is reconnected when the internet resumes? Our integration is working fine in most cases, but a lot of our calls drop in the middle due to internet issues. If there is a callback available to detect the call has dropped, then I can handle the retry logic and a user warning on the front end. Thank you
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