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Found 5 results

  1. hi team, i want to upload a watermark image on antmedia server how to we upload by using api and any functionality so we can upload watermark image to ant media server
  2. i provide screen casting in my application and user can publish his screen on social platform but i am unable to manage the delay and quality of screen casting it shows very poor quality screencasting
  3. In Enterprise edition, Publish and Play working fine with the token. But In Community Edition, As stream security feature is not available, even without the token Publish and Play is not working. So, can you please help with the config/changes required for Publish and Play to work for Community edition.
  4. i want to get information about a stored streaming by streamid like stored video size and duration.
  5. Hello, everyone. My use case is the following: I want to specify some meta data for the stream when I create it on the server side via REST API, so I can use it on the client side later. My steps are: 1. Create stream on the server side of my app via REST API by calling POST /v2/broadcasts/create with body {"metaData":"somestreammetadata"}.Then pass streamId of created stream to the client side. 2. On the client side use streamId obtained on previous step to join the conference room by calling WebRTCAdaptor::joinRoom(roomName, streamId). Then start publishing by calling WebRTCAdaptor::publish(streamId). What I expect: When other participants of the conference receive stream info via "roomInformation" event, I see "metaData" that was set on stream creation. What I actually see: When other participants of the conference receive stream info via "roomInformation" event, I see that "metaData" value is null. On the other hand, when I call REST API method GET /v2/broadcasts/{id}, I see correct value in "metaData" field of the stream. What am I doing wrong?
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