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Found 4 results

  1. Greetings, dear developers of the application. I have a few questions regarding the implementation of the following features: Is it possible to import VOD files into a playlist? It can be cumbersome to manually add files, especially when there are many of them. I have tried to find this feature on all support forums, but to no avail. Is there an automatic or REST API command to convert files to .mp4 format? This would prevent many unnecessary actions. Is it possible to link a stream to its recorded files? If there are multiple streams in the application, their recordings get mixed up in the same VOD folder, which is inconvenient. Can you add identifiers to indicate which function a stream is using, such as RTMP, embedding code, or public link? This would make it easier to understand visually. Thank you.
  2. I recently upgraded ant media server from 2.4.3 to the latest version and I noticed VOD names use stream id as a name instead of stream name like it was before, this isn't a big deal though it's much less clearer for the eye when browsing the vod library who recorded each stream as all I can see is a random string for a name. It's especially surprising since stream id is already shown in the "Type" of recording when browsing vod lib. I didn't see this mentioned in a changelog and I was wondering if I can change it back it the settings somewhere?
  3. I followed this guide https://resources.antmedia.io/docs/user-defined-scripts. I use this file https://github.com/ant-media/Scripts/blob/master/vod_transcode.sh to convert mp4 files to hls, but when I upload vod mp4 file, I don't get any m3u8 files. And when I run it manually I get the following errors: and My setting file red5-web.properties #Sat Oct 01 01:31:28 GMT 2022 settings.dataChannelPlayerDistrubution=all db.app.name=LiveApp settings.s3AccessKey= settings.endpoint.healthCheckPeriodMs=2000 settings.webRTCFrameRate=30 settings.enableTimeTokenForPlay=false settings.dash.llEnabled=true settings.vodFolder= settings.webRTCEnabled=true settings.jwtControlEnabled=false settings.h265Enabled=false settings.dataChannelEnabled=false settings.objectDetectionEnabled=false settings.h264Enabled=true db.name=liveapp settings.stalkerDBServer= settings.stalkerDBPassword= settings.dashMuxingEnabled=false settings.dash.hlsEnabled=false webapp.virtualHosts=* settings.hashControlPlayEnabled=false webapp.contextPath=/LiveApp settings.webrtc.portRangeMin=50000 settings.playTokenControlEnabled=false settings.publishTokenControlEnabled=false settings.vp8Enabled=false settings.s3StorageClass=\ STANDARD settings.uploadExtensionsToS3=7 settings.hlsflags= settings.s3BucketName= settings.stalkerDBUsername= settings.allowedPublisherCIDR= settings.playJwtControlEnabled=false settings.webhookAuthenticateURL= webapp.dbName=liveapp.db settings.rtspTimeoutDurationMs=5000 settings.hlsTime=2 settings.acceptOnlyStreamsInDataStore=false settings.webrtc.portRangeMax=60000 settings.previewGenerate=false settings.tokenControlEnabled=false db.type=mapdb settings.endpoint.republishLimit=3 db.password= settings.forceAspectRationInTranscoding=false settings.deleteHLSFilesOnEnded=false settings.dash.llHlsEnabled=false settings.encoderSettingsString=[{"videoBitrate"\:500000,"forceEncode"\:true,"audioBitrate"\:32000,"height"\:240},{"videoBitrate"\:2000000,"forceEncode"\:true,"audioBitrate"\:256000,"height"\:1080}] settings.addDateTimeToMp4FileName=true settings.vodUploadFinishScript= settings.listenerHookURL= settings.hlsListSize=5 settings.streamFetcherRestartPeriod=0 settings.hlsEncryptionKeyInfoFile= db.user= settings.s3Endpoint= settings.timeTokenSubscriberOnly=false settings.hlsPlayListType=vod settings.deleteDASHFilesOnEnded=true settings.publishJwtControlEnabled=false settings.jwtSecretKey= settings.s3SecretKey= settings.enableTimeTokenForPublish=false settings.hlsMuxingEnabled=true settings.mp4MuxingEnabled=false settings.maxResolutionAccept=0 tokenHashSecret= settings.replaceCandidateAddrWithServerAddr=false settings.jwtStreamSecretKey= settings.webMMuxingEnabled=false settings.remoteAllowedCIDR= settings.createPreviewPeriod=5000 settings.ipFilterEnabled=false settings.s3RegionName= settings.previewOverwrite=false settings.s3RecordingEnabled=false db.host=localhost settings.s3Permission=public-read settings.hashControlPublishEnabled=false settings.vodUploadFinishScript=/usr/local/antmedia/webapps/LiveApp/WEB-INF/scripts/vod_transcode.sh
  4. Hello I have a 4GB mp4 file, its about 2 hours long, i tried muitply times to upload it as a single VOD, it seems like not very possible. So i just wonder, If i sperated them into 1 audio file and 1 video file, and make the video endless loop {which will reduce the size tremendously} Is it possible to overlay the audio file and video and live stream on youtube 24/7? Thanks
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