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Developer/Consulting Licence

Osman Emek


Hello, I have been working on Antmedia for more than 2 years as a developer and consultant. I need AntMedia Enterprise license when I am a consultant or developer. At times like these, I open a Trial account.

However, this situation led to the situation of constantly opening new accounts with the increase in my customers. Can any work be done on this subject?

Projects I'm currently working on:
- sams consulting and developer
- NL Adult Project consultancy
- GShow IOS App Developer
- Frederic B. Antmedia consulting


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Hi Osman

Thanks for being part of our community.

We would be more than happy to support you and other community members who requires a license for development/consultancy purposes.

Please contact me directly at akiziltoprak@antmedia.io, then we can take it from there.


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Just a suggestion.... perhaps you can create. A developer license that sits between free edition and enterprise edition. Basically enterprise edition with limitations. And have developers require to renew it monthly or every 3 months by sending email to your support.

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On 2022/3/25 at AM1点26分, Alper said:




请直接通过 akiziltoprak@antmedia.io 与我联系,然后我们可以从那里获取。


Hello, I tried to contact you according to the email you provided, but I did not get a reply.  My email is congkuan@126.com

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