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Release Candidate for 2.4


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Hi Guys,

We've a release candidate for 2.4 (ant-media-server-enterprise-2.4.0-SNAPSHOT-20210810_0917.zip). You can download it from your account at antmedia.io. I mean you can always download the latest snapshot from your account as shown in the image at your account. 


Full changelog is auto generated here -> https://antmedia.io/latest-snapshot 

Let me give an overview about the new features in 2.4

  • Plugin Architecture 
  • Implementing MCU Plugin(audio-only supported) and providing it as a  built-in plugin(we know there are some known issues(aspect ratio, closing broadcast, single user support) and we're fixing them)
  • H265 Support in Ingesting WebRTC(H265 encoder is available in some Android devices)
  • Support HLS AES-Encryption
  • Support QuickSync in Hardware Transcoding
  • Configure `X-Forwarded-For` support as built-in for REST API. (I know it's very simple but it will improve the experience. We've encountered this question many times. :))
  • Send specific resolutions to the RTMP endpoints via REST API
  • Add JWKS support for JWT Filter
  • Provide option to force adaptive bitrate all time or use whenever the source resolution is higher
  • Fix random bad name issue in RTMP Ingest (This was a common issue. Thank you God, it seems it's fixed :))
  • Upgrade Tomcat to 8.5.69 and don't use native Tomcat libraries(Because it causes crash in some cases)
  • Support re-connecting to the same session in a specific timeout after the publisher is disconnected. (Players are not dropped if the publisher re-connects the same stream id). This request has came from NextEducation* team. Thank you so much NextEducation.  I think it will improve the user experience too much in flaky networks.

* I think no problem mentioning their name because we already publish them in our web page. 

Please let us know if you have some specific questions or you find some issues in the release candidate. 


Thank you guys. It's great to work with an active community like you. 


Take care 


A. Oguz




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Hi Connessione,

video.js is supported to play encrypted HLS stream and it's the default player to play HLS in Ant Media Server. 

Alternatively, you can use JWPlayer, Flowplayer, etc. as well.  

Let me know if we can help further. 

A. Oguz 


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