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About the changes of Centos 7 support

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Hi everyone,


Just let me tell our case about CentOS 7 support, we have been supporting CentOS 7 for quite some time now. This creates a long compilation and packaging process that has to check every version for changes in the dependencies of the embedded libraries. With every change to these libraries and the OS itself, we also have to recompile our code and run tests to ensure the optimal experience for the users. As you can imagine, this creates a major maintenance overhead on our end. We believe that we had a good run with CentOS 7 support, and must announce that it is time for a change. Unfortunately, we can no longer be able to support CentOS 7 for 2.4.0 and later versions. Our support is available for CentOS 8. We hope that you can understand the reasoning behind this change. To take this into effect, a change has been made to the Ant Media Server installation script that drops further support for CentOS 7.

Sorry for the inconvenience

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