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list of ID in conference room



Hello all,

I want to know how to get all the stream ID lists of conference
when conference play in the play.html
as the below code, it is checked for conference room ID, I want to check for all the ID  that connects to the same conference room 

webRTCAdaptor = new WebRTCAdaptor({
websocket_url: websocketURL,
mediaConstraints: mediaConstraints,
peerconnection_config: pc_config,
sdp_constraints: sdpConstraints,
remoteVideoId: "remoteVideo",
isPlayMode: true,
debug: true,
callback: function (info, description) {
if (info == "initialized") {
iceConnected = false;

Thank you

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@Burak Once we receive a stream using getRoomInfo , is it possible to get the tracks from the streams. In my use case, I do receive the stream id list, but I need to check if the stream has both video and audio track or only audio track. We are using multitrack streams using AMS 2.4.3 version. 


I tried to use following command, both with RoomId and individual stream Ids for streamId parameter. But the  server do not send any message as trackList.

  command : "getTrackList",
  streamId: "stream1",
  token: "token"





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