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Desktop Browser vs. Mobile Browser

Schnee Tzel



How does the WebRTCAdaptor treat the browser variants when setting the outgoing stream Video width and height (maybe framerate also)?? With variants I only mean Desktop browser on a computer vs. Mobile browser

I mean, I see a difference when I stream from a desktop browser vs. mobile, when setting the mediaConstraints to 1920x1080@25fps. Desktop browser reaches the desired resolution but not the FPS, while the mobile browser sometimes reaches the desired FPS but never the resolution.

I want to mention at this point that, trying WebRTC with another solution (red5pro), the hardware and network on my side is capable of 1080p@30fps with about 4.5Mbps Upload (also tested with 4G+ at 30-40mbps uplink). The outgoing quality from the browser (either desktop or mobile) is crystal clear. No fuzzy/blurry frames, no pixelation.

Here are my initialization parameters:
const wrtc = new WebRTCAdaptor({
debug: false,
websocket_url: "wss://mydomain:5443/WebRTCAppEE/websocket",
mediaConstraints: {
video: {
height: 1080,
aspectRatio: 1.7777777778,
frameRate: {
min: 25,
max: 25,
ideal: 25, // yes, I really want 25
audio: true,
peerconnection_config: {
'iceServers': [
{ 'urls': 'stun:stun1.l.google.com:19302' }
sdp_constraints: { // I dont know what those are, not documented anywhere, took it out of your example webapps
OfferToReceiveAudio: false,
OfferToReceiveVideo: false
localVideoId: "video-element",
bandwidth: "unlimited",
dataChannelEnabled: false,
callback: (info, obj) => {
if (info == 'updated_stats') {
console.log(info, obj);
callbackError: function (error, message) {
console.log(error, message);

The desktop browser begins at lower resolutions but after 3-4 seconds it reaches 1920x1080... but gets stuck at 15fps

The mobile browser,  can only reach 480 height (portait mode)

If I request the page as "Desktop Site" the height reaches max of 720 at ~20fps

Once again, I want to mention at this point that, trying WebRTC with another solution, the hardware and network on my side is capable of 1080p@30fps.






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