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Ant Media Server 2.4.2 is available


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Hi Guys,

Ant Media Server Enterprise 2.4.2 is available to download in your account on antmedia.io and Community 2.4.2 is available on github

  • Support Multitenancy for web panel

    You can create user that is only authorized for an application. So that you can allocate some applications to some users. 

  • Upgrade Default Ubuntu version to Focal(20.04)

    Ubuntu 20.04 is used in CI. Officially recommend version is Ubuntu 20.04

  • Update MongoDB Driver to 4.3

    MongoDB driver supports serverless in MongoDB Atlas 

  • Improve Multitrack Streaming in a Single WebRTC connection

    Multitrack streaming is being used in conferencing. Old way in conferencing is  supported and there will be more investment in multitrack streaming to provide a really good experience/performance in conferencing.   

  • Improve New Conferencing Page

    There is new conferencing page which has a better UI.  You can use it in conferencing by browsing https://AMS_ENTERPRISE_URL:5443/WebRTCAppEE/conference-enter.html

    There will be more investment in conferencing UI as well. 

Check the full change log here 


The  main features planned for the next release(late Feb or early Mar) are 

  • Support SRT Ingest
  • Improve Conferencing
  • Improve Performance in Transcoding
  • Support uploading 3rd party applications
  • Support Running Ant Media Server behind NAT for P2P streaming:

    (Typical Scenario: Users can install Ant Media Server behind NAT to pull IP Camera streams and they can watch the IP camera directly through Ant Media Server behind NAT from anywhere in the Internet.)

Please let us know if you have any feedback/forward

Thank you so much for being part of this journey. It's a pleasure to be with you in this journey.
A. Oguz
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Hi Guys,

We just have a hot-fix.

Ant Media Server is available. 

Here are the important changes

Fix uploading ts & m3u8 files to the S3 

Fix zero division error in ffmpeg dash muxer-Embedded player -> Fix the dash playback & load player faster 


A. Oguz

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