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AntMedia Live Stream And Mevo RTMP

Nathan Curtis


I am currently working with using some mevo cameras and their android app (have tried the ios app as well) to stream a live feed using rtmp. I have verified and tried multiple times and receive an error stating that there was an error connecting to the rtmp server.

From the same device I am able to use Larix broadcaster to connect to the same rtmp server and there are no issues.

Here are the logs that I see on the server when I try to connect using the Mevo app ( I have removed the stream id and replaced with an x) - any help would be great.

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [NioProcessor-16] INFO  o.r.s.n.r.codec.RTMPProtocolDecoder - Stream send: @setJunkData

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] ERROR io.antmedia.muxer.MuxAdaptor - Total max time(3000) is spent to determine video and audio existence for stream:x. It's skipped waiting

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] INFO  io.antmedia.muxer.MuxAdaptor - Streams for x enableVideo:false enableAudio:false total spend time: 3001 elapsed frame timestamp:0 stop request exists: false

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] ERROR io.antmedia.muxer.MuxAdaptor - There is no video and audio in the incoming stream: x closing rtmp connection

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] INFO  o.r.s.stream.ClientBroadcastStream - Stream stop: x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] INFO  io.antmedia.muxer.MuxAdaptor - Calling stop for x input queue size:3002

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] INFO  o.r.s.stream.ClientBroadcastStream - Stream close: x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [NioProcessor-16] INFO  o.r.s.n.r.codec.RTMPProtocolDecoder - Stream send: @setJunkData

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] INFO  o.r.s.stream.ClientBroadcastStream - Checking mux adaptor to stop x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] INFO  o.r.s.stream.ClientBroadcastStream - Mux Adaptor stop called x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,770 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] INFO  i.a.AntMediaApplicationAdapter - W3C x-category:stream x-event:unpublish c-ip: cs-bytes:6223091 sc-bytes:3792 x-sname:ff015bb3-5c6f-473c-95f3-931150616f6f x-file-length:3 x-name:x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,771 [NioProcessor-16] INFO  o.r.s.n.r.codec.RTMPProtocolDecoder - Stream send: @setJunkData

2022-02-11 15:11:57,771 [vert.x-worker-thread-61] INFO  i.a.AntMediaApplicationAdapter - W3C x-category:session x-event:disconnect c-ip: c-client-id:57

2022-02-11 15:11:57,771 [NioProcessor-16] INFO  o.r.s.net.rtmp.RTMPMinaConnection - Connection is closed: BFSPPJV6HQGZN

2022-02-11 15:11:57,771 [NioProcessor-16] WARN  o.r.s.net.rtmp.RTMPMinaIoHandler - Connection was not found for BFSPPJV6HQGZN

2022-02-11 15:11:57,779 [vert.x-worker-thread-28] INFO  io.antmedia.muxer.MuxAdaptor - Stop request exists for stream:x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,779 [vert.x-worker-thread-28] WARN  io.antmedia.muxer.MuxAdaptor - closing adaptor for x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,779 [vert.x-worker-thread-28] INFO  io.antmedia.muxer.MuxAdaptor - close resources for streamId -> x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,779 [vert.x-worker-thread-28] INFO  io.antmedia.muxer.MuxAdaptor - Cancelling packet poller task(id:19259) for streamId: x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,779 [vert.x-worker-thread-28] WARN  io.antmedia.muxer.HLSMuxer - HLSMuxer trailer is returning because it's not correct state. Isrunning: false, outputformatContext: null

2022-02-11 15:11:57,779 [vert.x-worker-thread-28] WARN  io.antmedia.muxer.MuxAdaptor - closed adaptor for x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,779 [vert.x-worker-thread-4] INFO  i.a.AntMediaApplicationAdapter - Closing broadcast stream id: x

2022-02-11 15:11:57,780 [vert.x-worker-thread-4] INFO  i.antmedia.statistic.HlsViewerStats - Reset HLS Stream ID: x remove failed or null

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Hi Nathan,

Hope you are fine.

Please try by increasing the max analyze duration in app settings. For LiveApp or other application, just add the following property to the /usr/local/antmedia/webapps/LiveApp/WEB-INF/red5-web.properties file

Please let me know if it works for you.




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that did it, thank you so much.

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