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Ant Media Server 2.4.3 is available to download (SRT Ingest, Upload Applications, Playing Streams Behind NAT )


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Hi Guys,

You can download the Ant Media Server 2.4.3 from antmedia.io. Here are the highlights.

  • Support SRT Ingest

    Ant Media Server can ingest SRT streams and convert to WebRTC, HLS, DASH and record it. So you can watch your SRT ingested streams through WebRTC with ultra low latency.
  • Develop Applications for Your Customers

    You can develop custom applications for Ant Media Server and you can upload them to the Ant Media Server via Web Panel. It means you can develop and sell your applications.
  • Publish and Play Streams from on-prem Ant Media Server Behind NAT(Experimental)

    It's really an excited feature for specifically IP camera streaming. Assume that you deploy Ant Media Server to a factory having 1000 cameras. You can watch the IP cameras from your home without pushing the data to the cloud and without opening/forwarding ports in the switch. By using a simple signaling server, you can watch all the streams directly(P2P) from your Ant Media Server.


Full change log is available here https://github.com/ant-media/Ant-Media-Server/releases

For the next major release, our goal is

- Update WebRTC stack
- Support AV1
- Increase audio quality 
- Improve performance
- Improve conferencing experience.

I think it will be available in June.

According to the status, If we have somethings early for conferencing or any other features, of course, we can create some releases before June.


Please let us know if you have some feedbacks/forwards. 


Take care

A. Oguz 

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