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Provide external access to all recorded livestreams



Hi there,

Is there a way to give external / public access to the recorded livestreams? At the moment, I can give out links to individual recordings with the URL format:


But when a streamer records another video, the new file has the format <STREAM_KEY>_1.mp4 (and then _2 for the third, _3 for the fourth etc).

Is there a way to give them access to all of their recordings, without me having to go into the adminstration interface and find the URL then send that to them every single time?

This would save me a lot of time.

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Hi @Yash

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. This looks to give read-only access to everything within an application, instead of giving them access only to their own recording. It's still a step in the right direction, so thanks for your suggestion.

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Hi @awoc
Hope you are doing well.
Sure, In latest versions 2.4.2 & above with multi tenancy/user management support you can create the account of your user with only read only access of any particular application in which their recordings are stored so they can login and see the recording.
Please check https://resources.antmedia.io/docs/user-management

I hope it helps.


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Posted (edited)



i would also suggest you for an alternate mechanism for this. The right way to do this is to decide and generate stream names to be used for a particular user prior to broadcasting. Track it in a database against the user’s account. That way there can be N recordings of that user by any possible name and the database will know about it. When recording completes update database to reflect the state of media.

when you want to share or list the recordings for a user , you use the database to query that  and it will fetch the list of only that user. This will give better security to your application as well and allow the user to access only his/her recordings. Once you have the recording info you can form the url and access the actual media from server.

this will be a scalable solution.


Another  long term advantage of this approach is that you can actually move the media to a different playback server and still nothing breaks.You know the stream name so you just have to form the url for playback from n ew location.

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