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VOD Playlist - Is there a limit on the # of playlist items you can add?



I'm trying to create a playlist for 30-100+ different mp4 videos that I have. On the popup window, I can add them just fine until I hit item #7.

With each successive playlist item added, the buttons for "add playlist item" and "save" are pushed further down to the bottom of the popup window. However, there's no scroll on the sidebar, so I can't scroll down any further to add new items, the buttons eventually disappear if I try to add an 8th playlist item. I've tried this in Firefox and Chrome.

Attached is a photo showing the problem. The green "save" button is barely visible/clickable.



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I have something to add to this. I am using the LiveApp section. But this also applies to WebRTCApp.

If I create a brand new playlist from scratch: New Livestream --> Playlist, create the playlist name, and immediately add new playlist items, it seems I am able to add several playlist items at a time. There is NO pop up window, and I can keep scrolling down the page using the side scrollbar on my browser.

However, if I create a brand new playlist from scratch (without adding any playlist items) and come back to it later, that's when I get the popup window without the ability to scroll down.

The workaround is to just add everything once you create the playlist. However, this is still a potential problem, because if I want to come back and add new playlist items to at a later date, I'll still get that popup window where I can't scroll down to access all the buttons.

Is there a fix for this?

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Hi @Marilyn
Hope you are fine and sorry for the delayed response. Thanks for reporting this issue.
I have created the issue in our Git hub and it will be scheduled and fixed in next release. You can check here.
As a workaround solution you can use update broadcast rest API to add more items in your playlist.

Below is the postman curl sample to update broadcast that you can import at your end. You need to add more items in the body that you need to add in playlist including the current items.

curl --location --request PUT 'https://your-domain:5443/LiveApp/rest/v2/broadcasts/streamId' \

--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{"playListItemList": [

I hope it helps.

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