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License uncertifiable



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Hi @C.K

Thank you for the question. Yes, we have some plans to support offline authentication.

It's in our roadmap and I think it will be available in next release or the release after the next release. ETA is about 3-4 months. 

We also provide some workaround solutions for the lovely users like you.

- First solution is using the proxy to access to the server. 
My colleague @Murat Ugur Eminoglu is going to provide some generic solution for that. Stay tuned.

- Second solution is that we provide a custom built server that asks no license key. We mostly don't prefer this method. I mean we generally trust in users to deliver this built because we believe in your good faith however we don't trust the evil 🙂

Btw, I offer you some remote coffee together @C.K  😛 We can send starbucks gift card to your email to have remote coffee together 🙂

Take care 


A. Oguz

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