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What's happen [404 Error] ??



Hi, support team.

Let me ask you.
I am using ant media server as WebRTC server.

The system that I have try to build is using OpenVPN so that user can access web application(localhost:9443) (and ant media server) from anywhere.
But error has caused via OpenVPN like below.
I have no idea to fix it.
Of course, I can access and see video by web RTC directly.

What is this error ?? I guess first web socket session is success. 

Thank you for your support.

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Hi, Support Team.

Let me explain in detail.

I modified system configuration to simplify.

■ System
 Ant media (in Windows WSL2 - Ubuntu, port is default 5080) < -- > Client (Windows Google chrome)

But problem has same.
I cannot see the video. How can I solve it ??

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Hi @Kai,

How are you!

Sorry for the delayed response.

I think we need to check this together over a call to understand the setup and issue properly.

Can you please raise a ticket on support@antmedia.io and then we can schedule a quick call to understand and resolve the issue.

Thank you again. 

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