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Hi I have installed ant media locally on a virtual machine for testing. I was going to setup my server locally and allow people view from my local instance but Ant media support said better of with AWS or Vultr for banwidth reasons. I can use the 100 hours free per month for the Enterprise Licence. I am really confused about the pricing of AWS. I want a pay as you go setup as we will  only be streaming events on occasions maybe once or twice every 2 weeks. There will be months where we will not be streaming at all. If the AWS server is not in use do I still get charged beacuse some of the prices on Vultr seem very high and I know Vultr charge even if VM is stopped. They reccommeded 16 or ideally a 32 Core CPU Optimized instance on Vultr. That is $380 per month on Vultr. Am I missing something? Does anyone else host their own media server or shuld I go with AWS. 

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Hi Jay,

Thanks for your question.

There are two options for you to use hourly license:

  1. You can use AWS's hourly license for your trial (with AWS's marketplace image of AMS). In this case, you can stop your instance when you are not using. So, you'll be not charged. You can take a look of hourly license pricing on here (prices can be change according to your VM preference).
  2. You can directly purchase your PAYG/hourly license from our website and use your license within a VM on AWS or any other cloud platform. In this case, you need to stop your server when you are not using it. So, you'll be not charged. In this option, we do offer 100hrs free every month.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,


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