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Application/Plugin development opportunity unlocked!



Hi Everyone!

This is Selim from Ant Media. We are trying to reach #StreamingEngineOfTheWorld 🚀🚀 

For this goal, we want to support our community to create new Applications/Plugins. There are already started some applications/plugins nowadays.


Historically, Ant Media has only been focusing on the backend, with the idea that customers would build their own applications on top of Ant Media Community or Enterprise Edition. While this has proved to be the right go to market strategy, there is a big demand about plugins (which can modify streams) or applications (that run on top of Ant Media, usually benefiting from AMS APIs).

In this context, we have an ongoing effort to initialize AMS Marketplace hub for our users and clients. By using the AMS Marketplace, a developer would be able to sell own applications through this service. Currently we are focusing on Applications rather than plugins.

As the first step, we would like to work with 3rd party companies or individuals so that they develop their applications of interest, and Ant Media would reimburse the license and/or development costs associated with the development.

Resources to check 

In order to develop an AMS application, you need to check our REST API guide, which is located here.

A blog mentioning how to develop an Application is here.

Apply for development

We would happy to cover license costs and full/partial development costs. If you would like to apply to develop one of the applications above, please send an email to selim@antmedia.io including the following information: 

- Company name: 
- Responsible person: 
- Application/Plugin idea (could be one from the list above, or you can suggest one): 
- How to develop one (please fill in the the following):
- Description of the application 
- Main features
- 3rd party APIs to connect to 
- Languages/frameworks
- Similar applications
- Suggested timeline: 
- Suggested budget (both man/hour rate and total cost):

Happy Streaming!

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