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Impossible to create new app




I've been using 2.4.1 with no issue for some time. Now, in a new installation of 2.4.3 in a new blank server I cannot create a new application:

Via the Dashboard->New Application:

  • I add the Application name and I get an error message: "Application is not created"
  • The app does not appear in the applications list
  • However, If i look at the /usr/local/antmedia/webapps folder, I see my application folder there, only containing a StreamApp-2.4.3.war file

If I do it via create_app.sh, I first get an error: 

  • mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/usr/local/antmedia/webapps/APPNAME’: File exists

I delete the whole folder and try it via commandline:

  • sudo ./create_app.sh -n APPNAME
  • error: 
    Please use the POST REST method (/applications/{appName}) to create an application.
    all parameters
    ./create_app.sh: line 112: jar: command not found
    Error: App is not created. Please check the error in the terminal and take a look at the instructions below
    ./create_app.sh -n APPLICATION_NAME [-p INSTALLATION_PATH] [-w true|false] [-c true|false]

What else can I try? I'm this stuck in the very first step :S



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