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Guide: How to import rest methods to Postman easily?



Hi Guys,

There is a simple way of importing all of the rest methods from Swagger to Postman

Here is a step-by-step guide.

  • Go to https://antmedia.io/rest/ and select the Ant Media Server version you are using on the top right-hand corner.883668247_ScreenShot2022-08-22at17_51_52.thumb.png.260f29e4a7088a67a838f954f86a24e4.png
  • Copy the URL of the swagger.json file.894674005_ScreenShot2022-08-22at17_55_38.thumb.png.adce4e35812c7882ac50857fa531056d.png
  • Open Postman and click the import button.214145232_ScreenShot2022-08-22at17_52_53.thumb.png.2a754dec2b6909e10c14c2c52422c875.png
  • Go to the link section and paste the URL of the swagger.json file copied before.140049966_ScreenShot2022-08-22at17_53_10.thumb.png.d345b019155876051da7f6fb85b15a85.png
  • Click on the Ant Media Server REST API Reference collection and go to the Variables section.1540783093_ScreenShot2022-08-22at17_53_25.thumb.png.c18e1c20c7fc1ad9cd3950d74e89a91f.png
  • Change baseUrl with your domain name.
  • Postman is ready to use 🙂 
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