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Installing Ant Media Server Enterprise Edition on AWS Using an Upfront Based License. (NOT A Marketplace Solutions (Quick Launch)



So I acquired an Upfront-Based License after having success with the Marketplace Solutions Free Trial with AWS.

Upon ending this free trial I was impressed on how easy setting things up were as I got my RTMP feed with in a short while. 

Adding an Upfront License for ANT Media Enterprise Edition and then trying to set up an Linux Ubuntu Server on AWS that will take the .zip file has proven to be incredibly difficult.

I've checked Reddit and of course have reached out to support where I was essentially redirected back to the same video I've watched a thousand times.

I'm beginning to think getting the Upfront-Based license wasn't a great idea. 

Can anybody help? Thanks and sorry for the noobness!


Hi Nick,
How are you?
So there are two ways to use Ant Media Server (AMS) on AWS,
One is to subscribe AMS on AWS Marketplace launch AMS diretly, it will give you an AWS instance with AMS installed on it. You don't need to purchase the license key in this case from us since it's a marketplace instance.
You can also refer to this YouTube tutorial for the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EH6v-yUyzjU
Second way is to manually install AMS on the AWS EC2 instance.
For this you need to have a license key from us which you have already got as I can see.
You can make the manual installation as shown here https://resources.antmedia.io/docs/installation
You can also refer to this video on YouTube for the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0m27oDIb95s
For the EC2 instance type that you asked, we recommend to use atleast a 4 cores CPU optimized server with 8GB RAM to run AMS and hence c5.xlarge is the default recommended server type.
I hope I was able to answer your questions. In case you have any other query please let me know.
Best Regards,
Mohit Dubey


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Hi @NickP,

Thank you for posting the question on community side.

I really want to help you with this process of installing AMS on AWS EC2 instanace.

So as I offered on the support side if you feel comfortable, we can connect on a google meet call to do this together and I can show you stepwise about how to launch an EC2 instance, setting up ports and installing AMS.

Do let me know your availability on the support ticket so that we can connect.

Meanwhile if you would like to explore, you can refer to this video tutorial about how to launch an EC2 instance. 

In here while choosing the Amazon Machine Image (AMI), do use Ubuntu 20.04 and under ports you should open these server ports.


Please do let me know a good time for you so that we can connect and get you started ASAP.


Thank you

Mohit Dubey

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