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API Rest VoD list without results

jesus m


For the WebRTCAppEE application, with a list of 2 videos in VoD (I paste what I see in text)

VoD ID: 018539709130184868234917
Recorded Stream
Sep-1-2022 17:17:26

VoD Id: 567749791721827174527222
Recorded Stream
Aug-31-2022 21:27:39

From the server itself when trying to get the result:

curl -X GET https://strgtf.accesscam.org:5443/WebRTCAppEE/rest/v2/vods/list/10/10?streamId=gtflive3 -H 'accept: application/json'

I get an empty list, as a result []

I have looked at the log and there is no record.
Can someone tell me if I do something wrong?


PS: Other operations work, I have permission to execute, it just returns no results.

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Hi @jesus m,

How are you?


Thank you for posting your question here.

I think it's about offset size in the API call. Since there are 2 VOD and offset size is set at 10 therefore it's giving empty list.

16 hours ago, jesus m said:


Can you please pass it as /v2/vods/list/0/10?streamId=gtflive3 

Let me know if it works.


Best Regards,

Mohit Dubey

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