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WebRTC play page doesn't play the broadcast

Tahmid Khandokar


Hello! There,

I've implemented stream publish feature successfully in my Application but I couldn't play the stream. I've followed WebRTC play page creation tutorial which is in the documentation. It plays nothing when I run the html page using a server. Then I logged the object that is passing in WebRTCAdapter callback and found undefined. I also logged inside the play and stop function to see that the functions are called properly or not. Then I found that the functions are called properly. 

I don't know how I can play the stream. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

here is my play.html

    <br />
    <button type="button" id="start">Start</button>
    <button type="button" id="stop">Stop</button>

  <script type="module" lang="javascript">
    import { WebRTCAdaptor } from "./webrtc_adaptor.js";

    let websocketURL = "ws://";

    let mediaConstraints = {
      video: false,
      audio: false,

    let pc_config = {
      iceServers: [
          urls: "stun:stun1.l.google.com:19302",

    let sdpConstraints = {
      OfferToReceiveAudio: true,
      OfferToReceiveVideo: true,

    var webRTCAdaptor = new WebRTCAdaptor({
      websocket_url: websocketURL,
      mediaConstraints: mediaConstraints,
      peerconnection_config: pc_config,
      sdp_constraints: sdpConstraints,
      remoteVideoId: "myRemoteVideo",
      isPlayMode: true,
      callback: (info, obj) => {
        console.log(info, obj);
        if (info == "play_started") {
          alert("play started");
        } else if (info == "play_finished") {
          alert("play finished");
        } else {
          console.log(info + " notification received");
      callbackError: function (error, message) {
        alert("error callback: " + JSON.stringify(error));

    let streamId = "demo_11663392207702";

    document.getElementById("start").addEventListener("click", startPlaying);
    document.getElementById("stop").addEventListener("click", stopPlaying);

    function startPlaying() {
      webRTCAdaptor.play(streamId, "", "", [], "", "");

    function stopPlaying() {


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Hi @Tahmid Khandokar,

I have checked your codes. After I copy this files to under application, here are my changes:

1. I have added js to import code as this:

import {WebRTCAdaptor} from "./js/webrtc_adaptor.js"

2. Please make sure that you have demo application in your environment. Because you are using demo application in your WebSocket URL:

let websocketURL = "ws://";

Our default applications are LiveApp or WebRTCAppEE. 

3. Please make sure that you are having broadcasting Stream ID like: 


I have found the above things. If you have an error on console logs, please share us. So that we can give you more detail about your issue.

Best Regards,


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Hi @Tahmid Khandokar,

What kind of error you've encounter? You should able to see at least WebSocket messages in console logs like as below:

testt.html:53 browser_screen_share_supported notification received
testt.html:47 initialized
testt.html:53 initialized notification received

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