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Fresh install on AWS Marketplace without launching new instance

Julio Fontoura


I have an EC2 instance with AMS Enterprise launched from AWS Marketplace.
I would like to fresh install AMS without having to launch a new EC2 instance.
I have used .zip file and it works when keeping the previous configuration (-r true), but without keeping previous config (fresh install), it loses the Marketplace licensing and asks for license.
Is there a way to do that? 

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Hi @Julio Fontoura
I hope you are fine.
Because the Marketplace image does not require a license key, this behavior is expected during a fresh installation of Ant Media server on a Marketplace image.
If you want to start from scratch, you must deploy the new Ant media server from the AWS Marketplace.
On the support side, I've also requested your SSH credentials. We can fix it if you share.

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