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Broadcast camera and screen as separate streams/tracks



Hello, everyone.

Using JavaScript SDK, when we are broadcasting in "screen+camera" mode, both streams are combined into one on the client side and sent to the server as a single stream.


Is there a way to broadcast camera and screen streams as a separate streams/tracks simultaneously?


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Hi @dmitry027

We are adding camera to stream with canvas in "screen+camera" option in our example. 

I have some options for you:

1- You may send 2 stream with seperately. One of them is screen, the other one is camera. On the viewer side, you can show streams with separated video tags.

2- Combine localstreams with canvas as "screen+camera" example. I'm adding guide pages to you:



I hope, I could help you.

Best Regards,


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Hello, @Selim. Thank you for your answer.

As far as I understand WebRTCAdaptor provides no ability to broadcast multiple streams simultaneously, as stated in webrtc_adaptor.js:

 * This is the Stream Id for the publisher. One @WebRCTCAdaptor supports only one publishing
 * session for now (23.02.2022).
 * ...
this.publishStreamId = null;

So, do I need to create two instances of WebRTCAdaptor (one for camera and one for screen) to broadcast them separately?

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