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Complete procedure for installing ant media server on wsl ubuntu.

Abdul Farooq


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Hi @Abdul FarooqΒ @rahul7827
Thanks for your suggestions. We will update the below blog post and add the WSL part into it as well.

One of the members of the community also made a video tutorial on it using an older version of Ant Media Server. Although the Ant Media Server installation on WSL is slightly different now.

For now you need to run below commands to install and run Ant Media Server on WSL.

sudo wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ant-media/Scripts/master/install_ant-media-server.sh && sudo chmod 755 install_ant-media-server.sh


sudo ./install_ant-media-server.sh -i <ANT_MEDIA_SERVER_ZIP_FILE> -s false

After the installation, go to /usr/local/antmedia folder and run the start script:

sudo ./start.sh

I hope it helps.


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3 minutes ago, Abdul Farooq said:

Did an installation of ant media server on ubuntu wsl following same procedure as ubuntu gui installation. But did not find result, really would like to have your support..

Thanks @Abdul Farooq for asking this question.

I also want to install AMS on my window OS, using WSL.

A blog post / video tutorial would be helpful for this.

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