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The Story of Real-Time Streaming Hackathon: 9 Teams and 9 Great Apps


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The first Real-Time Streaming Hackathon(RTSH) just ended last weekend and incredible projects were completed by amazing teams. This hackathon was just the beginning, its sequel and many more events will come. Stay tuned. 🙂

It was an incredible experience for us. We will continue to work for a streaming ecosystem where everyone wins and to be the #StreamingEngineOfTheWorld. 😍

Medicant, the team that won the first Real-Time Streaming Hackathon. Congratulations Richárd Ádám Dr. Vécsey and Axel Ország-Krisz Dr. 👏

Streamway, one of these amazing teams, completed the Hackathon in 2nd place. Congratulations, Ramjivan Jangid and Kuldeep jangid.👏

Pirates of Ipoly, one of these amazing teams, completed the Hackathon in 3rd place. Congratulations, Balazs Jantek and Gabor Kovacs. 👏

I love the introduction video of Pirates of Ipoly. ❤️ You can watch it below.

Check out all teams and their apps now! 👇


Thank you to everyone who participated and contributed. ❤️

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