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Data channel does not work correctly in v2.5.1 cluster

Pavel Tsukanov


We upgraded our antmedia cluster from 2.4.3 version to 2.5.1 and figured out that data channel dos not work correctly. 

WebRTC Data Channel is enabled and Player's messages are distributed to Publisher and all Players


1. Messages from the publisher do not deliver the players 

2. Messages from a player deliver to the publisher, but do not deliver to another player 

We did not have the same issue in 2.4.3 version and we did not change network configuration We just removed servers with old version and added new servers with 2.5.1 version. Resetting or changing WebRTC Data Channel option did not help.

I reproduced this behavior using your examples (..../WebRTCAppEE/index.hrml and ..../WebRTCAppEE/player.hrml) on the same origin server.

I could not reproduce this issue for a single server (when the server is not in a cluster). Data channel works as expected for the single server.

Could you help? Is this a known bug? 

PS. The exact affected version is Enterprise Edition 2.5.1 20221030_1635

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