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Is custom TCP: 5000-65000 is valid port range in aws clustering with version 2.5.1



Hello Team

Recently I had installed a aws cluster and standalone with version 2.5.1.

While following the documentation i found in standalone : Here

  • UDP: 50000-60000 (WebRTC. This default range is 50000-60000 in v2.4.3 & above. Before 2.4.3, the default value was 5000-65000. Note that you can change port range in all releases.
  • TCP: 5000 (You need to open this port in only cluster mode for the internal network communication. It should not be open to the public)

Here it is clearly mentioned for port range above 2.4.3.

while in cluster documentation here, Port is still 5000-65000.


Will in cluster mode the port range would be 5000-65000 OR 50000-60000 ?

Thank you

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6 minutes ago, Yash said:

Hi @rahul7827

In v2.4.3 and later, only TCP port 5000 is required for communication between different nodes in the cluster.

I've also updated the port in the document.

As always, thank you for your contributions. 💯

Thanks @Yash for the update and prompt reply 👍

Also the image ref. should be updated (placed just below the line you updated), Or if previous version support this port range in cluster we can mention with some text info.

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