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How do I tell the antmedia-Server about existing videos in my S3-Bucket?

Eric Reichling


Hi there,

TLDR: How do I tell the antmedia-Server about existing videos(VoDs) in my S3-Bucket?

I am currently working on a project where I want to use the antmedia-Server. For the VoDs I am using a S3 bucket and for the antmedia-Server a mongo-DB. 
Right now I can add and delete videos through the API. Everything works fine. 
But the customer already has like 100GB videos in a S3 bucket. My plan was to use the "synch-user-vod-list"-Request, from the API, to teach the antmedia-Server, so it knows about them all. But I just don't know how to define the "VoD Streaming Folder". I believe that's the issue.

Is my plan to use the "synch-user-vod-list"-Request the way to go and I only need to correctly define the "VoD Straming Folder" ?
Or do I need a different approach?
I want to avoid to upload the videos one by one.

Best regards and thanks in advance
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