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Systematic way for initial configuration (post install) without access to Web Panel (Community)

Mike Michalowicz


I'm trying to do an initial install and configuration of Ant Media Server (Community Edition) without having access to Web Panel remotely or locally.
(i.e. I need a systematic way to initially configure the running And Media Server post install)
  • I have no HTTP access to the box I am installing on from my laptop (or any other desktop for that matter), however the server/box I will be accessing the streams through has access (behind a firewall)
  • I have SSH access into the Ant Media Server
  • Both the Ant Media Server and the box that will be consuming the streams are behind (together) a firewall
  • I have no current and/or future ability to poke holes in the firewall
  • I cannot manually use the box that will be consuming the streams to get HTTP access
  • This means I cannot create an initial account through the Web Panel
The REST interface looks promising however I thought I'd ask in this forum before spending any time playing around with the REST interface.

So I "guess" I need:

1) Systematic way to create an initial account
2) Systematic way to give my consuming box/server access to the Ant Media Server and streams
2) Manually drop an .mp4 into a directory on the server
3) Create an .m3u8 stream from that .mp4

Is this even possible before I spend any more time on this?

Flying blind,

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Hi Mike,

Installation script installs Ant Media Server in a systematic way.Database is a file under /installationPath/. Database files have *.db extension. You can create a user in your local computer then you can copy the db files. This way you may transfer the initial user. 
You could add VODs(mp4) and create stream from them using REST APIs.

Hope this helps.

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