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Unable to Forward MP4 and Preview Request to AWS S3

Marco Guilmette


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Hi Marco,

If AMS couldn't save in S3, you need to check your S3 bucket permissions and S3 details.

Please check below S3 details.

<bean id="app.storageClient" class="io.antmedia.storage.AmazonS3StorageClient">    <property name="accessKey" value="Enter your S3_ACCESS_KEY" />    <property name="secretKey" value="Enter your S3_SECRET_KEY" />    <property name="region" value="Enter your REGION_NAME e.g. eu-central-1" />    <property name="storageName" value="Enter your BUCKET_NAME" /></bean>

After the check above settings, you need to check extension and baseURL parameters like below:

HTTPforwarding extension parameter should like as below:


HTTPforwarding base URL parameter should like as below:


PS: You need to change {s3BucketName} and {awsLocation} parameters

{s3BucketName} mean your AWS S3 Bucket name. For example: myS3Bucket
{awsLocation} mean your AWS S3 location. For example: eu-central-1

After the changes, please restart AMS.

I hope, it helps.

Best Regards,

On Monday, June 29, 2020 at 4:25:54 PM UTC+3, Marco Guilmette wrote:
I set the settings to AMS-DIR / webapps / {application} / WEB-INF / red5-web.properties.

settings.httpforwarding.extension AND

...but the files refuses to be saved to S3.

What can I do ?
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