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WebRTC to RTMP conversion (multiple broadcasts)

Blue Sheffer



I am building a web app. I want my users to be able to stream from my web app (within their browser) to their youtube channel. From my understanding, I need to set up a server to recieve their WebRTC stream and forward that stream to the RTMP url for their youtube stream. Can I do this with ant media server? If so, how?

I have seen similar posts on this group but none of them exactly answer this question. Crucially, I need multiple users to be able to simultaneously stream to their respective accounts. This post does not answer my question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63001228/how-to-send-my-stream-to-rtmp-endpointvimeo-twitch-in-ant-media-server

because it is unclear how you can have mulitple incoming WebRTC streams going to distinct RTMP endpoints.

This is a depressing article on precisely what I want to do, but all of their proposed solutions have major downsides: https://mux.com/blog/the-state-of-going-live-from-a-browser/

Thank you in advance!
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