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WebRTC: ICE failed, add a TURN server and see about:webrtc for more details



Good day,

I am now getting the following error when trying to stream "WebRTC: ICE failed, add a TURN server and see about:webrtc for more details". No code updates or server updates have been applied and this was working fine a couple of days ago. Already tried by restarting/rebooting AMS but still same behavior.

Please advise and thank you in advance.

Enterprise Edition 1.7.2 20190602_1617

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HI ! I am also facing the same problem . In javascript sdk when I click on start publishing, I can't successfully publish the video. It shows:

stream id in init peer connection: stream1 close stream id: stream1 
which comes from 
this.initPeerConnection = function(streamId, dataChannelMode) {
if (thiz.remotePeerConnection[streamId] == null)
var closedStreamId = streamId;
console.log("stream id in init peer connection: " + streamId + " close stream id: " + closedStreamId);

I did not change any code , it was working fine till a couple of days back. But suddenly this problem started creeping in and now it's not working at all.

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Same here - I got an email back from support who suggested this 

I attempted method 2 but it did not work. I'm not 100% sure on how to accomplish method 1. 

Let me first explain it then offer a solution for you.
We use google stun server in our product to receive public ice candidates. But nowadays, sometimes it doesn't provide them as it should. We have two solutions for this. In short term I recommend second one. Here they are:

1. Ant Media Server uses Google Stun Server:


You can change it from /usr/local/antmedia/webapps/APP_NAME/WEB-INF/red5-web.properties with this setting:


2. For public IP candidates please edit the following line in /usr/local/antmedia/conf/red5.properties


Please add the following line


into the following file


and restart the server.

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