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Unable to set keyframe interval

Anurag Goel


I'm trying to stream video via WebRTC from browser and trying to get RTMP output from ant media,

But when i try to publish RTMP stream on periscope/vimeo livestream/ periscope,  my stream is getting freezed.

Its showing "keyframe interval" error, somehow i'm getting video stream with "keyframe interval" of 20 second which is very high.

Both periscope and livestream platform do expect "keyframe interval"  of 2-3 second max.

Is there anyway to set keyframe interval in ant-media ?

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Actually for WebRTC streams keyframe internal is set to 2 seconds.
After your mail I have made a test and measure it again on endpoint side it is 2 seconds.
Can you test it on your side while publishing to Periscope at the same time?

Here are the steps:
- Install ffmpeg if you don't have
- Create an RTMP endpoint with:
ffmpeg -listen 1 -i rtmp://localhost:1983/live -c copy test.mp4

- Start WebRTC publish
- Add the RTMP endpoint to your stream
- Finish the stream
- Check the keyframes in the test.mp4 with
 ffprobe -loglevel error -select_streams v:0 -show_entries packet=pts_time,flags -of csv=print_section=0 test.mp4 | awk -F',' '/K/ {print $1}'

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