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BEGINNERS SEEKING GUIDANCE - Getting set up with the Community Server




My friends and I are fans of esports and have this goal to start hosting online tournaments. We hosted one for the competitive fps valorant and it went well so we have been looking into ways to build upon that experience.

One aspect we wish to improve is how we operate casting and overall coverage of the events we host. With that being said, we caught wind of many esports groups utilizing RTMP servers to improve their streams and decided to download the ant media one off of digital ocean (community edition hence why I am here).  Our goal with the RTMP server is to help streamline our broadcasting of esports tournaments we host. As mentioned earlier we hosted an online tournament for the new competitive first-person shooter game Valorant and we streamed the games that players played onto our joint Twitch channel. In the setup of the Twitch stream we had one person spectate the game and broadcast on Twitch at the same time, however that proved to be a large task, particularly with the length that these tournaments tend to be. 

We asked around our friend groups familiar with esports about how to improve upon this workload issue and they all voiced that a RTMP server would be helpful. The basic idea is that the person spectating the game (the spectator) can stream what they see to the RTMP server, then a new person on a different device (the producer) can connect to and watch the RTMP server via VLC and then broadcast that VLC material on Twitch - this way the roles of spectator and producer are seperated, resolving the issue we previously encountered mentioned above. The casters/commentators can then watch the Twitch stream and have something to reference for their contributions to the broadcast.

However beyond the concept itself, our technical understanding of how everything works is very limited. For example in the earlier email that this one responds to your team made inquiries about the latency of our project and mentioned something about protocol as well; these are not things we are very well versed in and only can assume what they implicate on a surface level. We do understand how to utilize the various involved softwares like Twitch, OBS, and VLC however - our main question then is how do we accomplish the setup we want now that we have the community edition server up on digital ocean?

This is a lot of information and I'd imagine there will be lots of "handholding" to help us navigate this, but anything helps. Thanks in advance.
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