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Is it possible to use Preemptible GCP instances for Antmedia

Hussein Badakhchani



I am considering architectures for deploying Antmedia community edition to Preembptible GCP instances. Essentially my SLA permits some minor service disruption should an instance be preempted by GCP. I was considering using an instance group of n+1 instances with global load-balancing, CDN session affinity to provide availability for the service. 

I was wondering if anyone that has experience of using Preemptible instance can provide any advice on the configurations that used and any issues that they uncovered. 

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Hello Selim,

So I believe I have this working now. The steps for community edition are:

1) Use packer to create a fully configured instance of Antmendia, this means manually configuring Antmedia with an account and using the server.db in your disk image.
2) Create and instance template from your disk image, configuring it to be preemptible
3) Create an Managed Instance Group with a minimum of one instance
4) Use Client Based session affinity to ensure sessions are not mixed and terminated when there is more than one instance of a preemptible instance running in a managed instance group  
5) Use GSCFuse as the backend storage for your videos so all instances have a consistent view of the backend storage

The Antmedia image must be fully configured upfront so that all preemptible images are identically configured. 

Kind regards,

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