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PublishTimeOut Error: Unable to Fix whatsoever

Anoop Kumar Pandey


Dear Team,

           I have setup an environment for testing.. (diagram attached). In this scenario, both the Ant media server and the client accessing it are on different networks behind a NAT. Initially, I used numb.viagenie.ca as STUN/TURN but it didn't work. So, I have set up a TURN/STUN server. Still, I am unable to publish and getting "publishTimeoutError" from the client system when I am accessing the default Ant Media page (https://server:5443/WebRTCAppEE/index.html). Firefox says "ICE failed, see about:webrtc for more details" 


However, I am able to publish from the Host ( even without STUN/TURN. 


Kindly help what I am missing. I have attached the Firefox about:webrtc log and the console log.


All the firewalls, iptables, firewalld are disabled on linux/windows system. On the TURN server, TLS is also enabled, so I tried all combination of TLS Port 5349 or normal 3478 with ?transport=udp/tcp, but nothing worked.






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First of all, thank you for your very nice reporting style and your co-operation with us. Our plan is now we will recreate this system you made and see it in our environment. For this to replicate the system exactly, can you share the routing tables on Host 1-2 and Virtual machines. 


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@Tahir and Burak,

I have attached our architecture diagram. When we analysed the packets at the client and at the streaming server(, the TCP Handshake and other TCP data are sent from Internal users in Intranet to MZ Load Balancer(LB) and MZ LB sends it to streaming server. The response from streaming server is sent to MZ LB and it sends them to corresponding internet user client. After the TCP packets, the STUN (UDP) packets are exchanged. But these packets are not sent through the  LB. Instead the streaming server and client are communicating directly. This is becoming an issue because we don't have firewall for the client and Streaming server to connect directly and it has to go through the load balancer only. 

How to configure Antmedia server to send/receive UDP traffic through the LB server. 

When the user is connecting from Internet, the packets need to be sent/received through two LB servers and not directly.




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