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Jerry Geis


So 2.1.0 supported CentOS 7.  Seems as 2.2.1 dropped CentOS 7 support.  Something about packages on CentOS 7 - I don't need new features on CentOS 7 that require new packages - I was just wanting the same feature set that was working. Any way - CentOS 7 support can live on.

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Hi Jerry,

Thank you for the great question :)

Let me explain why you can't able to use Centos 7 with the latest version(v2.2.1).

We are using apr-devel libva-devel libva libvdpau libcrystalhd packages on Centos. Centos 7 already have these packages, but these packages do not have an updated version. You need to found latest version of these packages. For example, while centos7 uses libcrystalhd1, Ant Media Server version 2.2 uses libcrystalhd2. If you still want to use Centos 7, you need to compile these libraries manually.

We are recommending to use Centos 8 for the latest version(2.2.1).

I hope, I could help you.

Best Regards,

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