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Double messages in datachannel in players

Pavel Tsukanov



I found that players receive double messages. Steps to reproduce
1. I have an aws cluster (based on https://github.com/ant-media/Ant-Media-Server/wiki/Scaling-with-AWS)  with 1 origin and 1 edge server
2. open default publisher on origin server
3. open 2 players on edge server
4. send a message via data channel from publisher. 2 players receive single  message. I.e. there is no issue
5.  send a message via data channel from player 1. Publisher receive the single message. Player 2 receive double message - FAULT. Must be single

6.  send a message via data channel from player 2. Publisher receive the single message. Player 1 receive double message - FAULT. Must be single
Messages from Publisher

Messages from Player 1

Messages from Player 2

Ir it issue?

Thank you 

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I can also confirm this issue.

Still happening on version 2.2.

Easy to reproduce, just deploy a cluster and start streaming using RTMP.

Then open and connect 2 tabs on: https://domain:5443/LiveApp/player.html?id=stream1

Send a message using the data channel and it gets doubled to all edge players.

The same doesn't happen using origin https://domain/LiveApp/player.html?id=stream1

First player1 sends a message:

Then player2:

And finally origin:

This is a big problem for me, since I have to choose between doubling all messages or not scaling properly (since everyone needs to be on origin for it to work).

Could you guys answer this ASAP?

Can't use it in production working like this.


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I can confirm that even without a cluster - on just a SINGLE antmedia server, this problem exists if you use the REST API to publish a message, the clients all receive it twice. every time.

steps to reproduce;
1- install single antmedia server anywhere
2- publish a data message via REST API
3- see all clients received message twice


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