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videotag.pause, videotag.play vs webRTCAdaptor.play, webRTCAdaptor.stop

Louis Veronneau



I saw a post on this but not sure where it is.

for live streaming

- webRTCAdaptor.play seems to connect to AMT and streaming starts from the server
it still take some connection time, 2 or 3 seconds
- webRTCAdaptor.stop the connection and streaming from the server stops immediately

- videotag.play plays the video rapidly (once the connection is made to the server)
- videotag.stop stop the video but the stream continue to come from the server, 
is I make a play() the video starts immediately

by using videotag.play and pause it is faster to start viewing
and it make sit so much cool
 but use bandwith even when the video is paused.

is there a way to keep the connection to the server but minimize bandwith consumption ?


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Hi lveronneau,

How can you publish Stream? 
If you are using RTMP,  you can decrease keyFrame interval to 1. If you decrease the keyFrame interval, stream will start faster.  But it can cause more bandwidth consumption. 
If you publishing with WebRTC, we are sending keyframe every 2 seconds. It takes a max of 2 seconds for the new video to start.

I hope, I could help you.

Best Regards,

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