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Load Testing, CPU not fully utilized?

Cheng Dicky


Hello I am doing load testing on a AWS EC2 instance with this

with one 24fps 1080p rtmp publisher

The Adaptive Streaming setting is
480p 1000 96
720p  1500 128
1080p 4000 256

At first I have tried with a c5.2xlarge (8vCPU, 16 GiB Ram).
It starts to lag and saying "Queue size(2001) is exceeding 2000 so dropping frame" when number of viewers is about 70 with 60% CPU usage. And it starting to reach 70-80% with above 100 viewers.

Then I switch to a larger instance type c5.4xlarge (16vCPU, 32 GiB Ram). This time it starts lagging on about 150 viewers. However, the CPU usage is always around 50%. Does it means only half of the cores are used and it can perform better? Is there any setting about this?

And btw I have found this tutorial but it seems that there is no such docker image.
Is it not available anymore? Could you update the content (maybe simply indicated that it is not available) if so?
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Adaptive bitrate is a CPU intensive process that requires a lot of processing power. I recommend you to use GPU for 1080p and 720p adaptive settings ( 8 core CPU is not sufficient for such encoding ). Our test results without adaptive bitrate was;

4 CPU   - Publisher 50   - Viewer 200
8 CPU   - Publisher 100 - Viewer 400
16 CPU - Publisher 200 - Viewer 800
32 CPU - Publisher 400 - Viewer 2000

Thank you for your report, I am delivering your request about the blog posts to the team in the next meeting.

I wish you a good day.

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