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VP8 not working in antmedia



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I'm using wowza to trancode VP8, butwe encounter the following errors in the error log when trying to start broadcast. The attached are screenshots our antmedia and wowza settings.

[h263 @ 0x7f3f4c89b600] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4de50bc0] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4de56400] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4caff0c0] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cb04e40] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cb0a3c0] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cb10600] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cb16000] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cb18980] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4e342ec0] H.263 SAC not supported
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4e342ec0] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4e348240] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4e34e800] Bad picture start code
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4e34e800] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4de4adc0] Bad picture start code
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4de4adc0] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4e359940] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d0d0a40] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d0d5e00] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d67cc80] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d681c80] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d687480] Bad H.263 id
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d687480] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d68d180] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d693100] Bad picture start code
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d693100] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4d698c00] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cf17f80] Bad picture start code
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cf17f80] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4e353fc0] Bad picture start code
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4e353fc0] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cf22840] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cf28400] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cf2ddc0] Bad picture start code
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cf2ddc0] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cd886c0] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cd8e580] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cd93f00] Bad picture start code
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cd93f00] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cd99a40] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cf1cb40] header damaged
[h263 @ 0x7f3f4cda4800] header damaged



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We have tried enabling both H264 and VP8 with Adaptive Bitrate Mode, but the player(play.html) keeps looking for m3u8 and will not webrtc to play the stream. Which means we have to enable HLS in order for the player to play the stream. I have replied to the email with the login to my dashboard for you guys to test out. Thanks

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