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AMS 2.2 low video quality

Anurag Goel1648581704


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Are you using our sample player and publisher? The newest version of our samples show the frame width and height at the bottom, can you try that and share the results. Also, there is a forceStreamQuality method for forcing the player but if you can't send high quality videos it doesn't matter to force player to play higher quality.



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We have build our custom solution using AMS 2.2 EE.
I have tried you publisher too, where are getting decent width, height etc.
But when same stream is received at AMS, its getting downscale by browser(chrome). to 360p or 180p.
Can you clarify on this ? and our should i force RTMP player (push) to again upscale this 480p , 720p etc.

I think its browser's webRTC client force this.i think some similar problems are referred on these threads =>

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WebRTC is not build for the high quality video priority, it is built for keeping ultra low latency intact. For some reason if high quality videos can't be transferred, webrtc will scale down the resolution, it is true. However for you it will not be the case if your network is good enough. For the mediaConstraints under our index.html page ( /usr/local/webapps/LiveApp/index.html ) change it like;

var mediaConstraints = {
video : {
width: { ideal: 1280 },
height: { ideal: 720 }
} ,
audio : true

Webrtc will give you 720p video, you can see the source quality an sent quality from index.html like;

On-going is also 1280x720 as you can see since my network is good enough to achieve  this bitrate and quality.

Thank you




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