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Can not get testing environment set up on server




Following on from our phone convocation we were hoping to get your assistance on setting up out testing environment on our server. 

Steps we have taken:

1) Downloaded latest community release from GitHub

2) Set up Ubuntu 16.0.4 server running LAMP through digital ocean (1GB)

3) Our sever is running and we get heartbeat console logs 

4) It does come up with the following error repeatedly 

“SystemUtils: java.lang.reflect.InaccessibleObjectException: Unable to make public double com.sun.management.internal.OperatingSystemImpl.getSystemCpuLoad() accessible: module jdk.management does not “opens com.sun.management.internal” to unnamed module @5246a3b3”

5) When trying to hit example.com:5080/WebRTCApp it just spins.

6) We are wondering if we need to change the apache config to get this working?

7) We are also running Java 8!  

The exact same files run perfectly on local host so we are assuming it is something wrong with our server or apache config set up.

If you could give us an example config maybe this would point us in the right direction if you are unsure as to what the issue is.

Kind regards


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Hi Alex,

I've just created a digital ocean(1GB) droplet and I've installed Ant Media Server

It's working for me no error at all.

Running LAMP or something else may change somethings.  

Btw, generally it's good to have CPU optimized servers because video things are process intensive operations. 

A. Oguz
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