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Antmedia 2.2.1 - OPERA BROWSER (linux) errors

Alex A


It appears not to be possible to play video under OPERA browser in Linux (ubuntu in my test).

Easy to repeat/demonstrate - simply install Opera Browser, and goto the /player.html page of any application (eg: https://webrtc.saltybrains.com:5443/livecasino/player.html?name=526324834256636480365226) and it will immediately give you a console error showing a cryptic message as follows;

:5443/livecasino/player.html?name=526324834256636480365226:1 Unchecked runtime.lastError: Invalid color name.
:5443/livecasino/player.html?name=526324834256636480365226:1 Error handling response: TypeError: Cannot destructure property 'h' of 'undefined' as it is undefined.
    at chrome-extension://hhckidpbkbmoeejbddojbdgidalionif/components/video_toolbar.js:312:46


all other outputs look and act as normal, and the log shows connecting and feed data as normal - but no video can be displayed which makes sense as this error is regarding the video display colour mux of some kind.

I have tried a few work around but can find no way to 'fix' this, ALL examples demonstrate the same error under Opera.

Any ideas or is it a bug ?




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yes, everything in the console output looks totally the same as when it works in other browsers, no errors except the initial error which happens when it imports the libraries (on page load)... after that, no errors but nothing displayed.

just download Opera and give it a try, its always the same.

Also i noticed on other websites which use antmedia the same problem exists, so it is not about my setup or my server, so it is something wrong with the libraries...

opera fully supports webrtc so this is unfortunate... all the other webrtc tests work on opera (i tried them) but not antmedia player :(


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Hello Alex,

You are correct that our example pages does not work with Opera, it is very well reproducible and I opened an issue about it to plan it in our sprint. Thank you very much for your report.

Please follow the issue and comment on it if you want to add anything; https://github.com/ant-media/Ant-Media-Server/issues/2974



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