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v2.3 Release Candidate is ready for testing


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Hey Guys,

We've released v2.3 RC. It's Community and Enterprise edition are ready. 
Here are the key things. 
  • Improve CMAF playback in standalone and cluster environments & Support LL-HLS as experimental feature #2712
  • Support only data channel messaging without video or audio #2422
  • Support and sync white board in all viewers #2672
  • Improve RTMP ingesting #2583 #2700
  • Auto Application Synchronization in Cluster #2638 #2590
  • Support Multi-Level Cluster #2640
  • Forward incoming audio stream to viewers in SFU mode #1097 #460
  • Create a bandwidth test tool for measuring the RTC bandwidth between user and server #2602
  • AWS Wavelength E2E latency measurements & Synchronize datetime values in web app to measure E2E #2891 #2806 #2833
  • Support JWT Token in Stream Security #2239
  • Support JWT token in accessing the REST methods #2750

Download Enterprise Edition:  Login to your account antmedia.io and it's available to download under your subscription.

We're very happy to listen your valuable feedbacks. 

A. Oguz

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Hi Ahmet,

I am running the new 2.3 update - but it was a little painful to install and find that it overwrites and removes webapps/ etc - so reconfiguring things was a little bit painful for an update.

is there a better way to 'update' to a new version than to run the install script again ? what is the recommended method of applying these updates when you have new releases ? preferably without losing all the configurations.



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MCU support is not a built-in solution yet. We just provide a web based workaround solution for that. Built-in support in still under-development. 

We provide restore options in installation script. 

What do you guys think if we can schedule an open video meeting for the upcoming days to discuss the new features and make some demonstrations? 


A. Oguz
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It's available in here 

and it seems that documentation points to correct location

Please let me know if the following link is somewhere in wiki so that we can fix it 



A. Oguz

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Hi ,

We're going to make some demonstrations tomorrow how to play CMAF and we're also going to show you how to enable CMAF & HLS.
Btw, we support LL HLS with the ffmpeg way and it's experimental. We don't configure web player for that.  

Anyone can join the meeting tomorrow at 5:00 PM GMT+3 https://meet.google.com/qzv-krcs-cnv

We'll cover these things. If you want us to cover some more things please let us know. 
  • Stereo support for WebRTC streaming
  • Audio forwarding in SFU mode
  • Application deploy/undeploy on the fly in cluster mode
  • Create a sample that merges webrtc video streams & audio streams from a conference into a single canvas and sends back to the Ant Media Server

A. Oguz
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