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Grafana Memory Load

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Hi All

Ive had AMS running for some time and started to investigate how/where/when streams are being viewed. I have AMS 2.2 on a Hyper-V VM (10GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 8 cores) serving 9 WebRTCApp live streams from IP Cameras via RTSP and 6 VoD streams of  pre-recorded, uploaded mp4's. This results in around 4% CPU Load, 30% System Disk use and 39% System Memory

Ive installed Kafka/Logstash/Elasticsearch/Grafana and configured a dashboard  but that goes to 9%CPU Load, 76% System Disk and 95% System Memory.

Is this to be expected?
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Have a good day.

Could you please disable log on your settings? It's already in our Grafana installation doc. All of them running Java-based. Ram usage is normal for these applications. These applications are designed for huge systems. They consume too many system resources. We are recommending using these services with a different instance from Ant Media Server. 

I hope, I could help you.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Selim, 

Ive never used it before so was checking this was normal and its reassuring to know it is. I changed the VM to "floating" RAM and it has settled at 24GB with 9% CPU load, 34% System Disk and 62% System Memory being used. I'm running this on a 64GB machine with 12 cores and it now seems stable. Is it still better to run on a separate instance? i.e. is there anything to be gained separating them over running as-is?
Thanks again


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