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Facing Error on joining room with new stream id

Martand Madhwani



I am facing an error on conference app. as below.

set remote description is failed with error: InvalidAccessError: Failed to execute 'setRemoteDescription' on 'RTCPeerConnection': Failed to set remote offer sdp: The order of m-lines in subsequent offer doesn't match order from previous offer/answer.

I follow below methods

Create room using api.
with roomname generate stream with api ["broadcasts/create"] and every time it get new stream id. for all users joined in this room.

This issue is raised when 1 user try to join with new stream id. it will connect for few seconds and show this error and that user got disconnected from room.

Can someone please help me Its urgent.  

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Hi Martand,

Could you please check below breakpoints? These points will help you:
1- Could you please make sure timestamps are compatible with offer and answer messages.
2- Are you sure you are pairing right with communication?
3- WebRTC has negotiation standards for communication. Could you please make sure you are using Plan B?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,


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Hello Selim,

I am not sharp technically in webRTC but here I am explaining scenario.

I have integrated antimedia in out application. but for explain event I am share case in sample application of ant media's conference app.

(1)Goto conference.html and start conference with another user.
(2)Now disconnect internet from A user in running conference app.
(3)in few seconds I get call back event ice_connection_state_changed where current stream id state changed to disconnected.
(4)At there I am performing below operation to disconnect socket and session.


(5)now I am generate new stream Id from API and follow whole process to publish with new web-socket.
(6)It will gives below error in sample application too. [find screenshot]


 (7) Here is screen shot for my server configuration.
(8) Please note that In vp8 this error is not coming but in H264 this is happening. [ In some of blog I read solution and tried out with my application]


(9) I am requesting here to describe the reason why H264 configuration raise there error? and we are using adepter js provided by ant media , Then as per solution context as below "This is caused if streamer sends vp8 and server only accepts h.264(or opposite), this error occurs.
As a summary, this occurs when streaming media is not set with same parameters in the client and server side."

point out where this vp8 and H264 configurations are settings up from client side ?  





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Hi Martand,

Have a good day.

We discussed this issue with you in a meeting. I just wanted to update our Community Group on this issue. Here are the details:
We are considering the timing for this issue. Because sometimes gives an error, but sometimes it's working properly. 

We can advise two things for this issue:
1- We saw you have a lot of data in your local DB. You can use Mongo DB for database. Using mongodb will be more performance when there is a lot of data in your structure.
2- You can upgrade to v2.2.1 or 2.3 RC. We are expecting this issue will go away in the latest version. We did not encounter this problem in latest versions. If the same problem continues, we can make a video call with you again and work on this issue.

I hope, I could help you.

Best Regards,


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